Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee stands ready to assist you with any planned changes to your home’s exterior. The process has never been easier. Just look below for answers to the important information you need to know and the forms you’ll need to begin the process.

For any help with your ARC request please reach out to the committee by emailing

What changes require ARC approval?

  • Exterior paint colors including base color, doors, trim, and garage
  • Roof replacement
  • Fencing
  • Tree removal
  • Landscaping (small seasonal flowers and plants do not require approval)
  • Screen enclosures
  • Drive-way pavers
  • Drive-way resurfacing and painting
  • Pools & spas
  • Hurricane shutters


  • All requests for lot development, new construction, and any changes to the backline of your property or shoreline will also require approval by the SHOA Board.
  • Mailbox replacement does NOT require approval.  For repairs, painting, or replacement, follow the HOA mailbox guidance which can be found under the ARC dropdown menu.
  • If you are not sure your home improvement requires ARC approval send questions to

Where do I find the ARC request form?

A blank ARC request form can be found at the top of this page. If you are unable to print the form there are blank ones located inside the Clubhouse next to the SHOA mailbox. Owners submit completed Applications to (DO NOT place your completed form in the SHOA mailbox inside the Clubhouse.)

Is there anything else I need to include in my request?

Yes, residents are required to include color samples as well as a completed template for ALL exterior painting, even if you are repainting using the current colors on your home. Approval for painting will not be approved without a completed template included with your ARC request form. Samples of roofing shingles, brochures showing hurricane shutters, etc. will make the process move more smoothly. If you are installing a fence or adding a pool or screen enclosure, you must submit a diagram of your plot plan/lot with detailed drawings of the new addition and accurate measurements. Your contractor should be able to provide that for you. If you are not sure what your contractor has proposed will be approved please contact.

REMEMBER, the more complete your request forms are, the quicker they can be reviewed and approved

Am I required to use a certain color or brand of paint on the exterior of my home?

There is a SHOA approved color palette where you will find pre-approved color schemes and sample templates to make choosing new exterior colors easy. The color palette contains approved colors by scheme, brand and color numbers. However, Savannahs residents are not required to use a particular brand of paint when repainting the exterior of their homes. You can submit matching colors from another paint brand by providing the brand of the paints to be used, the color names and numbers, as well as sample swatches. The colors still need to match an approved scheme.

Approved home exterior color schemes are described in the Home Color Palette file located at the top of this page.

As new residents move in, and home color trends change, we are striving to stay current while keeping the overall look and feel of our community aesthetically pleasing. If you wish to submit a color not found in the current color schemes you may do so. While there is however no guarantee it will be approved, the ARC committee will work with you on finding suitable colors for your home

How long does the approval process take?

Only completed forms will be considered by the ARC committee which meets twice a month. If any information is missing the form will be returned. Completed forms must be submitted a minimum of 10 business days prior to your project start date.

No work is to begin until approved by the committee. Any work started without final approval will be referred to the SHOA Enforcement committee which could result in a requirement to immediately stop the work being done on your home and/or property as well as a possible fine.

What happens if I proceed with changes to my home and/or property without submitting the necessary completed forms?

Any work started or completed without final approval from the ARC committee or SHOA board if necessary, will be referred to the SHOA Enforcement committee which could result in being required to immediately stop all work being done on your home and/or property as well as a possible fine. If work has been completed and was not reviewed and approved by ARC you could be required to “undo” what has been done if the changes are not in keeping with the guidelines set forth by the SHOA.

DO NOT begin any work, including delivery of materials, prior to a complete ARC review and approval.

What if I am unsure my form is complete and contains all the necessary information to be approved?

Go to the ARC Examples page Here for examples of completed forms that contain everything needed for a smooth approval process. Once again, if you are unsure you have everything needed for a successful submission, email the ARC committee at

Mailbox Guidance

Mailbox Replacement
The new mailbox may be purchased by homeowners, who are also responsible for its correct installation.
The following are selected mailboxes as approved by the HOA BOD: