About the Savannahs at Sykes Creek​

The Savannahs Homeowners’ Association (SHOA) is managed by a Board Of Directors (BOD) comprised of five Savannahs homeowners who are presently elected on an annual basis, and who serve the community voluntarily. The BOD is responsible for management, direction, and oversight of all activities of the Association, including the Savannahs Golf Club.

Community Amenities include an 18-hole public golf course, walking trails, and Dolphin Park. Dolphin Park is located at the end of Sand Ridge Drive. It is open to residents and their guests from Dawn to Dusk. Although it is an HOA-owned property, the public is also welcome to enjoy the park. The park has a play structure, gazebo and picnic table. Please follow all posted rules for the park and tennis courts.

Walking Paths

  • Yellow path indicates residential after-hours use area.
  • We want to sustain an exceptional golf experience for our guests, so any recreational use of the golf course and associated paths during golf club business hours is prohibited.
  • Use of the paths is limited to walking, running, and biking. No use of skateboards, personal golf carts, or any other vehicle is strictly forbidden.
  • Use of this course after hours is at your own risk and the Savannahs Homeowners Association is not responsible for any injury to anyone on these trails.
  • Please be courteous of our neighbors and respect private property and county noise ordinances.