Volunteer Corner

How To Become a Volunteer

To become a Savannahs volunteer, simply complete the two forms below (Volunteer Waiver and Volunteer Survey) and email them to savannahscommunications@gmail.com or mail them to Ron Gardner, 4270 Savannahs Trail, Merritt Island, Fl, 32953. The next time there is a project or activity that you indicated interest in, you'll be contacted. Thanks for volunteering!

Release and Waiver for Daily Volunteer Form

Volunteer Survey

The HOA welcomes any and all volunteers to help make our community even better. To participate in any physical volunteer activity, you must download and complete the “Release and Waiver of Liability” form link above and return it to Dan Schaller (sdanielt@aol.com) or any HOA or CDD Board Member. Once completed, it will remain on file indefinitely. Thanks for volunteering!

The on-line Savannahs Volunteer Survey form is provided for you to indicate when you are available to help with community improvement activities, what sort of committee interests you may have where you can help with HOA-related initiatives, and what skills or talents you may be able to bring to bear.

Volunteers Needed for Upcoming Work Projects!

If you like being involved in “hands on” community support projects like landscaping, minor repairs, painting, and similar activities, here are samples of a few completed projects followed by a link titled “planned/pending future projects” for near-term opportunities where your help would be appreciated.

  • Repainting of the golf course granite stiles – Completed!
    • Project was completed in March, 2022.
    • Resident, Bob Stively, personally painted all 18 stiles between November and March. 
  • Clean-up of the front entry area and the community park  – Completed!
    • Project was completed on Saturday, 5 March, 2022, then Allan personally did touchup painting the next week.
    • Volunteers: Kem Sprawls, Allan Voorhis, Ken & Susan Smith, Steve Gjermo, and Dan Schaller.
  • Click here to see photos of a few of the volunteer projects
  • Click here for a list of the 2022 Volunteer Work Committee completed projects (Updated 3/14/2022)
  • Click here for a list of the planned/pending future projects. Contact Dan if you'd like to participate or take lead!
  • Click here for a list of completed volunteer projects from previous years.

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